Saturday, April 21, 2012

More of the same (?)

I kept postponing writing this post cause I was tired of repeating myself. I was going to name it 'a change of a change', however, that's not really the case.

In the past few months (and in many ways much longer than that) my two main goals were to find my own flat, and to start my new job. I'm very close to achieving the flat thing, I've found one, that I think is great, more or less affordable, and most importantly accepted my application (not the easiest thing in Berlin). My fingers are still crossed, because nothing's final yet (and ever since I broke that mirror last week things seem to be going downhill) but if things go according to plan, I might be writing my next post (next week?) from my new place.

The job part is a bit less promising. I got this restaurant job a little before Christmas, and, well, it still haven't started. The restaurant's opening keeps getting delayed, which I guess is quite common in this business, however I'm afraid its more than that. We were supposed to start working on the menu this week, and when I got there I saw that all the lights are being re-installed. That wouldn't really matter unless the owner/co-cook kept me hanging there for two hours, telling me he'll check if we might be able to cook somewhere else, then disappearing for numerous meeting. Meanwhile I was trying to befriend the head chef, but a combination of extreme nervousness on my part and a 'who is this mosquito-like person in front of me' attitude on his, made me feel like shit. I went home, and pretty much decided to give up on this adventure. A decision that was followed by flashbacks of my father threatening me I will forever be a quitter after leaving the military, and in general brought much despair and confusion.

Yesterday I spilled coffee on Ewa's computer, which might mean we'll have to spend the first month in the new flat without any furniture (and possibly food), since Mac's are insanely expensive. But I think it's all for the best, I was hoping the new flat will mark a new start, a clean sleight, in which I put an end to my laziness and procrastination, having to make a lot of money quickly might be just the incentive I need.

On the bright side, my efforts in becoming a media-whore are paying off; Some film students made a short documentary about me (and how I cook and sell my food in the neighborhood's bars), and a new Facebook page I started (My shopping list - only in Hebrew, sorry) Got me an interview in a Tel Avivian magazine.

As for this post's recipe, ever since I started this blog, I was planning on posting a veggie patties recipe. It's one of my favorite things, and has virtually endless possibilities. Sadly, its hardly the most photogenic food. This week however I made a new patty that, photogenic or not, was so good I just have to share it. Here it goes...

Fennel and zucchini patties


- 1 Fennel, quartered, and sliced very thin.
- 3 Zucchini, grated.
- spring onion, chopped.
- 1 egg*
- Dried chili, crushed.
- 1 Garlic clove, crushed.
- 2-3 tbs breadcrumbs.
- Few mint leaves (optional)
- Salt and pepper.
- Oil (For frying, I still prefer olive oil, but any neutral oil will also do)


- Heat very little oil in a small pan, add the chili, followed by the fennel and spring onion. After a few minutes, lower heat and cover, cook until the fennel is softened, stirring every few minutes. Chill.
- Mix the zucchini and fennel, put in a strainer over a bowl/sink, place a plate and a heavy object on top and drain for at least 30 minutes (in the fridge overnight is optimal).
- Make sure the mix is drained (pick a handful and squeeze it, if its dry its good), then add egg and season. Add breadcrumbs until you can easily form a stable patty.
- Heat a little oil in a big pan (you don't a lot of oil, just enough to coat the pan, and it has to be hot), and fry the patties, about 3 minutes on each side.

Serve with yogurt mixed with a little curry powder and mint, or tahini with lemon juice and parsley.

* For vegan version, replace egg with 1tbs of chickpea flour, mixed with 1tbs of white flour and 1tbs of olive oil.

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  1. keep the good stuff coming uri! i really like your approach in cooking and the things you cook, bake whatever. and i really regret that i missed your session at "das gift"...will there be another one?
    all the best