Monday, March 21, 2011

Chicken and bean stew

I used to apologize about pretty much everything.
I remember when I was in high school and super shy, whenever my leg touched the girl sitting next to me I'd feel like I invaded her space. Later it was the military, felt I apologized for going, then I apologized for quitting. The reason I'm mentioning this, is because of vegetarianism.
I used to be a vegetarian, and of course, apologize about being one. Then, I stopped, but kept pretending I'm one in case there were any others around. Now I know it just sounds like I have no backbone, but I'm improving, really, which is one of the reasons I'm posting this.
I am not a vegetarian. I eat meat about once every two weeks.
I think this is a great chicken dish, it comes out really juicy and flavorful, and also it's very filling because of the beans. Enjoy.

4 Chicken thighs and legs (or more, depends how many portions you want).
3 Onions, chopped.
5 Garlic cloves, crushed.
3 Bay leaves.
1 Large can (or two small ones) of whole tomatoes (or crushed).
2 Tbs Tomato paste.
500 Grams cooked white beans.
1 Tsp cinnamon.
1 Tbs brown sugar.
2 Tbs Whiskey
1 Dry chili.
1 Tbs sweet paprika.
Salt and pepper.
Olive oil.


- Sprinkle the chicken with paprika and salt and pepper, massage it a bit.
- In a large pot, heat olive oil, add the chicken, and seal, about 3 minutes on each side, then take it out and put on a plate.
- In the same oil fry the chili, onions and sugar, until brown.
- Add garlic and bay leaves, and two minutes later add the tomatoes.
- Add the chicken and beans, and cover with some water. I usually use the can of the tomatoes, makes sure you don't leave anything out.
- Add whiskey and cinnamon, cover, and let cook for about an hour, stirring occasionally.

Serve on rice or couscous.

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