Friday, March 18, 2011

A note: Accuracy

I got some mixed reviews on my last post. A few friends felt like I'm not really giving a proper recipe, and that my post is more or less useless. Now, since I was the one asking their opinion, I believe I did see something problematic about that post, and the Blog in general.
As I said before, I'm not educated in cooking in any way, so you might ask yourself "why would I trust this guy instead of some proper chef?". Well, I'm not sure I have a good answer.
What I did realize, is that I need to say something about how I cook.

I never use recipes. Not when cooking and not when baking, which supposedly is more 'dangerous'.
I can't say I get it right all the time (see 'a note: fuck ups') but, I do feel that this is the way to cook, at least for me, and this is the way to learn. Of course I'm not saying don't look at recipes, which is both stupid and shooting myself in the foot. But I'm suggesting you take things merely as a recommendation, or as a nice idea, which you are more than free to change. That's why I'm not giving very accurate quantities or times. I will however from now on, state at the top of every recipe whether it's a more accurate one, or just a general guideline/idea I thought was interesting enough to share.


Baked zucchini filled with mashed potatoes.

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