Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pizza dough (and Foccacia)

I make this probably twice a week. It's the simplest dough and it's really great.
You can make large quantities and freeze (but you can also just make half of what the recipe says).

For 4 Foccacias/Pizzas:

1Kg White flour.
1Bag dry yeast (a little more than 1tbs).
4Tbs sugar (you can also put two sugar and two honey)
1Tbs salt
1/3 cup olive oil
1.3/4-2 cups of slightly warm water water

-First mix the yeast with a little of the water, make sure the water are warm, but not too warm (you should be able to put your finger in it comfortably)
-Place the flour in a large bowl, make a hole in the middle using a spoon, and pour the yeast, and the rest of the water, oil and sugar.
-Mix for a minute with the spoon.
-Add the salt.
-Continue mixing with the spoon for about 10 minutes (you can do it with your hand, however this dough is very sticky).
-Cover your hand with a little olive oil, and roll the dough into a ball, separating it from the sides of the bowl.
-Cover with a towel and let rise for about an hour and a half, until it doubles its size (If your house is cold, I usually warm the oven to 50C, then turn it off, let it cool with the door open for 5 minutes, and then put the dough inside)

-After the dough has risen, punch it a bit, letting some of the air out, you will need to oil your hand again.
-Place the dough on a large oiled pan, and beat it with your fingers, flattening it and stretching it so it covers the entire pan. Turn the dough over, this way both sides are oiled and it won't stick.

Bake at 200c for about 12 minutes.

This is it basically, now the variations:

For Foccacia:

There are two things I love doing, one is fry lots of onions on a very low flame for about 40 minutes, till they're soft and sweet, then I spread them on top.
The other is crush 1-2 garlic cloves, and add rosemary and thyme, and spread over the dough.


See tomato sauce recipe. Add thin slices of Mozzarella, fresh basil, and everything you like, my personal favorite is with hot green pepper, mushrooms and onions.


  1. ¡Oh, qué hermosa ... Luce muy bien!

  2. Wow, was für eine große Pizza! Legen Sie einige Fotos mehr .. Viel Glück!